Boris Nonte is on the cutting edge of film & television, having branded some of the biggest campaigns world-wide. With blockbuster credits including The Avengers, Prometheus, Avatar and Twilight as well as hit shows as Dancing With The Stars and Jimmy Kimmel Show, Boris has defined and redefined the Hollywood Sound.

Those who know him would agree that he is a rare breed – one of the few that can be as comfortable with epic action music as with light emotional and eclectic themes. And equally comfortable at the helm of a 100 piece orchestra as he is behind 100 layers of synths and sound design. Boris is clearly a workaholic, but that’s derived from his need to push each track to a new limit. He’s never satisfied to settle nor to take the quick and easy route – and it’s that mentality that pushes him to consistently transform the modern sound.

For many years, Boris has teamed up with Los Angeles-based writing partner and producer Gregg Lehrman (former assistant for Hans Zimmer, Remote Control). The collaboration has produced a myriad of compositions, global reach and of course, a life-long friendship. Boris currently resides in Berlin, Germany. Stay tuned for new updates.